Touch-screen Laptops: Advantages and Disadvantages

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Touch-screen Laptops: Advantages and Disadvantages

Tablets and smart phones have taken over the world, but would you want the same touch screen technology on your laptop or PC? What are the things you would need to consider before opting for a touch screen laptop. As with any device, touch screen laptops have both advantages and disadvantages.


Faster: Touch-screens offer a quicker experience, and interacting with your laptop or PC by way of a touch screen is quicker because there are fewer wrong clicks. The laptop is supportive of multi-touch movements and gestures so you feel as if you are using a smart phone.

Handwriting support: If your laptop or PC has a touch screen and you use a stylus, you can write on your screen naturally. The Windows software is great to translate your handwriting into text; this means you don’t have to type. In effect, this feature helps you save crucial time.

Good for gaming: Features such as zoom with the help of pinch is a great feature of most smart phones; on your laptop or PC, it is great fun to play games comfortably.


Smears and smudges: The trouble with smart phones is the number of finger prints and greasy marks; the same is true if you are going to use a laptop with touch screen.

Tired arms: The gorilla arm is a famous phrase that is used to describe tired arms owing to touching a screen and reaching out to the screen constantly.

Extra thickness: Touch screen laptops are thicker than non-touch systems, particularly if there is a digitizer that offers support to the pen you might use with the touch PC. 

Poor battery life: Laptops that have touch screen capabilities run out of battery life faster than those that don’t have touch screen. So, if you opt for a laptop with touch screen capabilities, you should look for one with an excellent battery.

Complementary, not replacement feature

However, it is often easy to forget that the touch screen is just an additional feature that helps you work better with your laptop or PC in Baltimore. The keyboard and the mouse are still part of such PCs and the touch screen can be used in combination with the older features. If you wish to type a lot on the laptop, you will still opt for the keyboard. However, if you are in a cramped space or traveling, using the touch screen might just be an easier way rather than to use the keyboard.

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