The Ultra Thin Macbook From Apple – Should You Bite?

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Ultra Thin Macbook from Apple

Apple’s newly launched ultra thin MacBook is beautiful new creation from Apple, but is not without its shortcomings.

Looks that wow, and lighter than Air

It was showcased for the first time at the Spring Forward Event and is a great looking piece of technology that is oh-so-covetable. The sleek design with a keyboard width machine and a 12-inch retina display make it a glamorous looking device. Its refined looks are appealing and it weighs in at a light 1.98 lb, compared to 2.31 lb  for the 11-inch version of MacBook Air from 2014. The Intel Core M processor allows it to be fanless freeing up more room. It is 0.51 inches at its thickest location, in line with its aim at being a slim portable device that’s easy to cart around.

Sparing us the silver

Unlike previous editions that didn’t give users too much choice, this time around you get a little bit of variety in the colors department. Buyers get to choose from three different color options that include gold, silver, and space gray. Its not a lot, but something’s better than no choice.

New technology to watch out for

The MacBook sports a spanking new USB-C port that will likely show up on other products from Apple and other manufacturers in the months to come. It allows you to plug in and charge and also enables video output. Through the port you can also download your files from other devices – whether its your iPad or an iPhone.

The Force Click feature will allow apps to have more clickable features using a deeper pressure click while the Force Touch trackpad will seem more responsive to your swipe or taps.

Longer battery life, but a tad underpowered

The 2304 x 1440 pixel screen is ideal for viewing movies and videos in their full glory. Unfortunately, while it looks every bit the fabulous device you expect it to be, it isn’t as powerful as you’d want it to be. For anyone who is hoping for a powerful machine, this may not be the way to go.

With an 8GB RAM, Intel HD Graphics 5300 graphics card and 1.1 GHz processor speed, the ultra thin Macbook for 2015 comes with 256 GB storage capacity. Yet, the Intel Core M-5Y31 processor and all its attendant hardware don’t work hard enough for you. While giving it a thinner design and a battery life that’s longer, it is not as powerful as Intel’s Core i-series. The design accommodates a battery that enables web browsing for as long as nine hours.

Will the new MacBook do the trick for Apple?

While this was Apple’s attempt to diversify their revenue streams away from an extreme dependence on iPhone sales to keep things going, it may not have ticked all the boxes for users.

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