Using an LCD monitor boosts traffic at your convention or trade show

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LCD Monitor

Having a table or booth at a convention or trade show is a competitive practice.  For attendees, the setup can be almost overwhelming, and some may even have a specific plan of which booths they plan to visit before entering the hubbub of energy that is tradeshow marketing.  In order to make sure you get the most out of your space, you need compact but impressive attractions to entice visitors to come to your table.

Visual presentations are the modern-day solution to the power point model.  Showcasing your work before you start explaining it satisfies modern day society’s thirst for instantaneous information, and having a series of images to show, or a video explaining your trade, makes people curious about what comes next.  This can entice people to stop, look, and listen, giving you time to approach them personally.

The best presentations pique curiosity and bring people to your table so that you can explain your services.  The objective is not to explain everything that you do in your presentation, but to attract people to give you the opportunity to connect further.  Nothing is more efficient at piquing curiosity than the LCD monitor.  Since the LCD can only be viewed in full at certain angles, passersby will stop in their tracks.

At National Computer Rental, we offer long term and short term laptop rental to create the ideal presentation that will attract leads to your company’s exhibit.  Depending on the presentation you are looking to create, we can offer a variety of laptop or tablet brands and models to fit your needs.  In addition, we can rent LCD monitors for optimal picture quality to display your presentation.

LCD monitors have many superior qualities that set them apart as the perfect method of showcasing your high quality presentation.  LCD, or Liquid Crystal Display monitors offer high quality picture in a more cost effective variety than previous technological solutions.  What makes LCD technology so cost effective is the high quality of the product created.  An LCD monitor has a long shelf life if treated properly, meaning that your risk of renting an LCD monitor used on a regular basis is much lower than the risk of utilizing other used products on the market.

The sleek and space efficient LCD monitor also eliminates the need for bulky technology which could limit your already limited space when showcasing your business.  Commonly referred to as the flat screen T.V., the LCD monitor can sit unobtrusively in a visible location to the public, allowing you to still utilize your space efficiently.  Because of its reduced size, the LCD monitor is also easier to transport, being much lighter than its predecessors in the television market.

The LCD monitor is easy to carry and easy to set up, making it the perfect choice for your convention or trade show.  It also is easily repositioned, and comes on a swivel stand which allows you to face the monitor toward your audience traffic, regardless of any limitations the position of your electronic outlets may present.

Perhaps the most appealing quality for those opting to use the LCD monitor for display purposes is the superior image quality.  The LCD monitor illustrates a sharper image, without flickering or blurriness.  This is a result of individualized pixel lamps which make up the picture.  These are tiny fluorescent lamps which turn on and off electronically.  This feature allows the screen to turn on and off faster, reduces eye strain, and gives a picture quality which is far superior to other forms of technology.

LCD monitors are also energy efficient, making them the environmentally friendly choice.  LCD monitors use less power than other monitors, meaning that if you are charged a fee for the energy you will be using, you will also be making an economically superior choice.

Hooking up your LCD monitor to your laptop or tablet to display a presentation is simple.  LCD monitors provided by National Computer Rental have multiple input options, so you will never be stuck with a compatibility issue at the last minute.  We can provide you with the right cord to connect your tablet or laptop to the monitor, and give you the proper instructions to ensure that your monitor will display your presentation.  Simply plug in, and let the show begin!

Renting an LCD monitor is an option which ensures financial responsibility and high quality.  At National Computer Rental, you can be sure that you will be getting a well-taken-care of and quality monitor for your event.  Because we are responsible for our equipment and take the utmost pride in its quality, you can be sure that your monitor will be in working order every time you use it.  Choosing to rent an LCD monitor to display your presentation can make a huge difference in the audience appeal of your trade show or convention display.

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