What we Think of the Lenovo Chromebook

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Lenovo Chromebook

Clearly, a lot of thought has been put in by the makers to come up with the ThinkPad range. These notebooks are ultra-sleek and incredibly light-weight. That is just the appearance, when it comes to the functioning, they are super-fast and highly durable too. The latest entrant in the family is the ThinkPad Yoga 11e Chromebook that is not just aimed at getting work done for the business executives, but also the most laid-back of students. Now, who wouldn’t want to flaunt this slick beauty? Before you call your computer rental provider for a demo, here is what you should know about the Chromebook.

What we love

The ThinkPad range by Lenovo has always been targeted towards students, but this one has all the features to be the reliable partner of the ‘get-straight-to-work’ busy professionals too. What the notebook has retained in this line is its 360 degree foldable lid and Chrome OS. Other than that, Yoga 11e also carries the ultra-thin design and oozes sophistication with its jet black chassis.

If you are looking for the thinnest or even the lightest Chromebook in the market, let us tell you this isn’t it, but 3.1 pounds is not too heavy, is it? The almost 13-inch beauty effortlessly switches roles as a tablet, stand, laptop and a tent. Whether it excels in  all of them is a different story though.

Coming to the utility, its touch sensitivity is rather commendable and it is going to be a breeze working on that one. When you are not using it in the laptop mode, you are helped out by a virtual keyboard. You will love getting clicked with the 720p webcam of the ThinkPad. The images come out good, even in low light. When you order the Chromebook from a computer rental provider, it will come with an updated Chrome OS, as always.

What made us fold it back?

Starting with the display, life won’t look all that colorful on this ThinkPad. At least that is what we noticed when several colors that were supposed to pop-out, looked just plain, non-vibrant. A complete let-down there! The hidden speakers only force you into wanting to turn up the volume to the fullest, but to no avail. The mediocre sound quality will probably be a perfect fit for a presentation in the classroom. The biggest drawback however, is its poor battery life.

If you do not intend to do much with the Chromebook, other than some light gaming and multitasking, you can certainly opt for a trial by ordering one from a computer rental in New York or Buffalo operator. However, if you are looking for crisp picture as well as sound quality and fast performance without any lags, this may not be the best choice.

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