Which HDTV to Opt for from the Various Choices Available

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Since the time flat screen TVs came into existence, we have seen better versions of each model being released one after the other. There are a number of options to choose from, ranging from the CCFL back-lit LCD or the plasma HDTV to the latest LED-backlit HDTV. Since most companies have discontinued making LCD TVs, you are left with either the plasma or the LED. However, the OLED technology is seriously threatening the hold of the LED TVs in the market.

History of the HDTV and how it evolved?

In the late 90s plasma television was the most prevalent technology that ruled the market for a few years as the picture quality was much superior than the CRT television. Soon after, the much thinner and more energy-efficient LCD TV came into the picture with CCFL back-lighting which even the LED TVs later began to offer. However, the difference between the LCD and plasma TV was hard to make out for customers as each model came with different prices that offered almost the same picture quality. Soon the LED technology overshadowed them all as they provide the customers with some awesome picture quality that made the LCD technology obsolete almost instantly.

All these televisions differ mainly in the way their screens are lit. The LCD uses the CCFL lights while the LED uses an array of light emitting diodes to illuminate the display. The Organic LED or the OLED which has hit the market recently is the most impressive among all and is far more superior in terms of the picture quality and energy-efficiency.

The LED era

Unfortunately, the era of plasma TV is slowly dying as many well known brands are discontinuing production as it has lost its popularity among the users. Its a shame as plasma television were known for the best black levels. With the LED television becoming more affordable, it has clearly captured the imagination of the thrifty public who do not need to compromise on picture quality anymore. The LCDs though managed to stay relevant with a hybrid version of LCD screens with LED back light.

The future

So those who are looking to have something that will stay relevant for a considerable period of time, buying an OLED television seems to be the best option as it has clearly become the new standard when it comes to high-end HDTVs.

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