Why Schools Need to Rent Computers

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Why Schools Need to Rent Computers

In the wake of a not-so-healthy economy and mounting infrastructure costs, a lot of schools are seeking computer rentals for their needs. There is a huge focus on revolutionizing the education system by going digital, but ever so often, many schools don’t have the funds required for newer equipment and upgrades. Computer, tablet and projector equipment is the biggest of infrastructure any school in the US spends on, and leasing becomes a great option. By opting for laptop rentals or iPad rentals, the school administration can save on huge costs upfront. At National Computer Rentals, we offer schools a range of equipment, from PCs for school labs, iPads to projectors to the latest laptops. It has never been easier for any educational institution in the country to rent computers.

Focus on individual students

Gone are the days when a computer lab in a school meant only a couple of systems that students could take turns to use. With an increasing focus on providing one computer or tablet for each child, schools need hundreds of computers, software to go with them, and printers. A California school district was in the news when it became the first such region in the country to distribute iPads to all of its 20,000 wards. The move towards digital is gathering momentum; newer teaching aids such as LCD projectors are making their way into classrooms. Schools are seeking out iPad rentals and computer rentals to make teaching a more inclusive experience, where every student is involved.

What we offer

We at National Computer Rental have been working in the space of computer rental service for some years now and have a set of licensed and experienced professionals who will offer what each client needs. Our technicians will visit schools, talk to the administration about the variety of rental needs, irrespective of whether they opt for laptop rentals, LCD projector rentals or plasma rentals. A school can assess computer rental rates in the neighborhood, specify their needs, and National Computer Rental will work out a solution that is a win-win scenario for both the school and the rental service. The experts will visit the school to check if the power connections and ergonomics are in place before computers are installed. We will bear all the transportation expenses once we determine the complete feasibility of installation.

If a school is unsure about software and operating systems, all it has to do is rent a computer, and we ensure that our rental computer comes bundled with the requisite software. The school can rest assured about upgrades and any additional hardware required for the equipment leased. Our experienced personnel will install the equipment wherever the school needs them. We will also be on call if the school has a problem, with say, its LCD projectors or iPads. We always put our customers first; a school more so because the future of hundreds of young minds are being shaped. Our fee packages are transparent and schools don’t have to worry about hidden costs.

If your school or library requires the latest PCs or projectors for rent at a competitive rate, get in touch with a National Computer Rental representative to get an idea of our variety of computer rental schemes to suit different pockets.

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