Windows Tablets to be Cheaper with Free Office 365

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Windows Tablets to be Cheaper with Free Office 365

Microsoft has been coming out with rather drastic announcements of late, very unlike what the company is like generally. First, it was the decision to make Windows 10 a free update for those with pirated versions of Windows 7 and 8. Soon after that came a second equally surprising announcement.

The company announced that the Office 365 suite would be made free for all Windows devices that have a display size of less than 10 inches. The explanation behind the announcement was that most professional devices that require the full version of Office have bigger screens, while devices with smaller screens are used more for personal use.

If you are confused about this announcement about Office 365 and what it means for Windows tab users, here is a bit of explanation and details about what this actually means.

Will tablets reap the major benefits of a free Office 365?

Tablets that are less than 10 inches in screen size will get the Office 365 suite for free. This will be the free version that includes Word, PowerPoint, OneNote and Excel. Outlook can be used through the website. Essentially, you will be able to access the whole range of Office products without having to pay for them. Cutting down Office licensing fees will surely bring costs down, at least somewhat, for these devices.

The free version will be available on bigger systems too, but might not be adequate for full usage. You can buy a subscription for office 365 and use it on your tablet if you choose to. You should note, however, that some editing and other tools might not work very well on a smaller and less powerful system since they need certain speeds and power to function optimally.

What the free Office 365 will offer, and what it will not

The free and paid versions of Office 365 share some of the basic features, with the subscription version offering something extra to users.

In the free Office 365 version, you will be able to:

  • Open, view and edit documents
  • Cut, copy and paste text and other data
  • Basic formatting and font options
  • Access OneDrive storage

The paid version, that is now going to be available for bigger devices like laptops, ultrabooks and desktops, will include additional features like:

  • Mailings and References tabs
  • Full range of fonts and formats
  • 1TB free OneDrive storage space
  • Robust editing tools for heavy document and presentations files

As you can see, most of the functions that are used by a majority of Office users are covered in the free version. There are fewer people who would need the features that are part of the full paid version of office 365. If and when Microsoft implements this idea, it is sure to bring cheer to most Office users, thanks to the reduced costs.

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