Yac Reader – Digital Comic Reading App Worth the Purchase

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Apple store is not any short of comic readers. It has ComicRack, Comics, Marvel Comics, Comixology and Madefire Comic to name a few. So what is the purpose of Yet Another Comic Reader, abbreviated as YAC Reader? Well, it’s more of the polished design, availability of a number of supported files and easy usability that would attract you to this app.

Not yet another app

The $2 app remains true to its task to providing quality comic reading experience rather than resorting to fancy features. It supports DRM-free files of various formats including CBR, PDF, CBZ, Zip and RAR.  As a result, the burden of searching for comics of the supported formats by the user is reduced. The reading experience is pretty decent and the dialogue bubbles are legible even if they are not zoomed in. The Smart Viewer with automatic scroll that takes you through the frames of the comic with a single tap enhances readability and is perhaps the best feature in the app. This feature works pretty well in ‘zoom in’ mode also.

YAC vs other comic readers

Unlike many other comic apps, YAC Reader does not have an integrated comic store. However, it has a desktop client that lets you manage, download or transfer your favorite comics to your ipad. It also allows wired or wireless transfer through iTunes and also through Dropbox , which makes up for the missing comic store.

YAC Reader does not have pre-defined section-specific lists of comics: another major difference between the app and other similar ones. But it allows you to make folders and sub-folders according to your preferences, and that too without the need of PC or Mac. It allows cut, copy, paste and deleting of multiple files making transferring of comics into various sub-folders child’s play.

YAC Reader remembers where you had finished reading so that you don’t have you waste your time figuring it out yourselves. It also lets you rate the comics that you have read. To easily browse through your large collection of comics, it even has a built-in search engine.

All these helpful options and refined interface make this app worth the purchase. If you like gimmicks like animations and sound effects, which some other apps like Marvel or Madefire offer, you might not prefer this. But it serves well for those who are looking for pure digital comic reading experience.

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