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PC Rentals

Renting PCs is a great way to save money especially if the requirement is temporary. Our clients usually rent a PC when they need it for a specific project or if they are setting up a training session, where the requirement is for more than one PC. It does not make sense to buy a hundred PCs for training sessions when you can easily rent our high quality PCs for the duration of your event, and then return the equipment.

All-inclusive PC rental service

We have a lot of experience in PC rentals and over the years of service, we have understood client requirements really well. Our PCs are upgraded regularly. We offer PCs that run on a wide variety of operating systems including the latest Windows 8 desktops. We can customize your rented PCs according to your specifications. For instance, if you require a particular software to be installed in the PCs for everyone to use, we can professionally install it before renting the desktop equipment to you. New York Computer Rentals also offers delivery service to your location for your convenience.

Unbeatable rental plans offered

Client needs can vary with each client we get. To ensure that we can accommodate the needs of each and every client, we created customized rental packages. Our computer rental plans are designed to give clients the flexibility they need with their hectic schedules. Also, we have no limits on the number of PCs that you can rent. Whether you are renting one PC or a hundred PCs, we can make arrangement wherever you need and whenever you need them.

We also have short-term plans to accommodate clients who only need our PCs on a daily or weekly basis. Our long-term plans include a month-to-month lease for clients who need to rent a PC for a month or longer. We also have a PC rental pro plan, which you can take advantage of.

Our rental process

Renting PCs could not be any easier with our professional services. If you have an trade show event, corporate training session or an interactive meeting coming up, give us a call, or fill out a form online. One of our agents will contact you promptly to get more details from you. You can discuss the number of PCs you require, and the time frame you wish to rent from.

Our customer service agent will be your dedicated point of contact till the end of your event. This is our way of making sure that there are no confusions regarding your event, and that you are not being asked to provide details every time you call. Your equipment will be prepared for rental, and each system will go through proper checking to see if there is any damage.

Delivery to locations

The best thing about New York Computer Rentals is that we can deliver your rented PCs to the location of your event. We are the PC rental pros and can offer the best services to our clients. We are a nationwide rental company which means you can rent equipment from us in all of the major cities in the United States. You do not have to worry about transporting the equipment in a completely new city, because we have got that covered as well. Our technicians will deliver your rented PCs to your location no matter which city you are in. They will set up the equipment for you, and if you want customized PCs, we can arrange those as well.