Prince Harry wins the court case against the Mail newspaper

Prince Harry recently won a court against the Mail publication, which he sued last year over the false claims they printed about him on their website.

The judgment was delivered at a short remote High Court hearing. The duke's lawyers reported that  Associated Newspapers accepted that the comments written about Prince Harry are false. 

Prince Harry accepts an apology from the mail

The Duke of Sussex has acknowledged the apology from the publisher of The Mail and MailOnline over the libelous content they published about him. The publication claimed that he shunned the Royal Marines after resigning from his post as a member of the royal family.

Associated Newspapers printed two similar articles that alleged that Prince Harry had not been in contact with the marines since he last appeared as an honorary Marine early last year.

At the remote High Court hearing, the duke's lawyers said Associated Newspapers have caused considerable damage to the reputation of Prince Harry.

Associated Newspapers sued for libel 

Jenny Afia, a legal representative of the duke, said the unfounded, erroneous, and calumnious stories published in the Mail on Sunday and the website MailOnline did not attack the Duke's character, but it also questioned his loyalty to England. Jenny added that Harry was donating his court-awarded damages to the Invictus Games Foundation. 

After the hearing, a spokesman for the Duke of Sussex also released a statement, saying that the Mail on and MailOnline publicly recognized in court that they printed a completely false and slanderous story. The statement added the apology of the publication for questioning the Duke of Sussex's dedication to the Royal Marines and British Armed Forces.

The Mail tried to mislead their readers again by claiming they were donating a show of good faith. 

Prince Harry's spokesperson refuted their claims, adding that the duke was personally donating the huge amount of funds awarded to him by the court to the Invictus Games Foundation.