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Server Rental

We are experts in providing servers for any small or large corporate projects. If you have a large project or an interactive meeting, you might also be in need of temporary servers, to support the workload. Choose New York Computer Rentals for your server rental needs. We have all the experience and expertise you needed for your projects to run smoothly.

Renting a server

At New York Computer Rentals we make it really simple to rent a server. We have maintained excellent connections with former clients, making us a reputable server rental company. Our clients include large corporations, as well as small businesses, and we offer a variety of dedicated servers to suit your trade show requirements.

Renting servers is a great way to save money and time, especially when there is an important project going on in your company. There are several reasons why our clients prefer to rent servers than buy them.

Buying servers for a short-term project does not make sense economically. We offer a cost-effective solution for this problem. Using our services, you can easily get rental servers for your project, and save money on expensive system. Renting servers is also an environmentally friendly option. By renting virtual servers, you can save energy that is otherwise wasted on servers that are only used for a short period, but still stay powered on.

Many of our clients rent servers from us to perform a trial before buying the actual system. This reduces purchase risk, and if certain features of the servers are not acceptable, clients can always make the right decision in regards to buying the server. With rental servers, you can have additional storage space in times of a higher workload.

We provide network servers if you are hosting sites on the web, as well as dedicated servers. We have top-notch brands of servers in stock like Dell and HP.

We also provide any external hardware that may be required with the server, so you do not have to spend money buying it. We give you full operational control of your server, so you can download and install any desired software, and even restart it whenever you like.

Rental packages for server rentals

Our rental plans can be custom-tailored to fit your project requirement. You can rent a server for a short project as well as a long project. If it is a large project you are working on, we can provide a full server system on rent. Our computer rental plans also include delivery to the office location. When you rent a server from us, we take care of transporting the server to your office, and ensure that all the hardware arrives there safely.

Service you can trust, every time

We have a long list of clientele consisting of clients who trust our services, and come back to us every time they are in need of servers. We understand the importance of your projects, and know that you would always want to provide your end-users with the best experience out there. We ensure that all the rental servers are in their best shape and there is no damage.

We offer high quality components with our servers, making sure that our clients are able to get the best performance output. We can provide tower servers for small-scale businesses, and if you have a larger project going on, we also offer a range of servers for a data center in your office.

With nationwide services, you will never be stranded for server equipment. We provide our rental servers for election campaigns in all major cities in the United States, and also offer delivery to many destinations in the cities. When required, our team of technicians can also set up the servers and other equipment at your office. If you run into any problems with the server set up, our team provides on-site as well as off-site technical support.

For more information related to server rentals, or any for any questions, feel free to contact us at New York Computer Rentals.