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Video Wall Rental

Need something bigger than a 65” inch display? Think big! Rent a video wall to display your products, videos, or slide shows. Amaze the audiences by making your information larger and more prominent. Video walls attract a lot of attention that means your products or your company will get more exposure than you expected.

Seamless video walls are made of stacked plasma or LCD screens to create one big image. Renting video walls is a great idea if you are having a big event, or if you have a company booth set up at a trade show, or an expo. If you need to advertise your company and gain more exposure, use a video wall as a signage. Video walls are also beneficial for conventions and broadcasts. They can be connected to laptops, DVD players, as well as PCs, so they are compatible with any devices that you might have. They are a way of extending your display from a small laptop to a large screen, where everything is more noticeable and on a grand scale.

Reliable rental solutions

New York Computer Rentals offers a variety of services to make your event a successful one. We are a company you can trust when it comes to setting up equipment and getting it ready for rentals. If you have a need for a video wall rental, get in touch with us and we can help you out with your requirements. We will appoint one of our customer service agents to your order, and that agent will be your dedicated point of contact.

You can discuss any changes, upgrades, or cancellations with your agent. They will take care of your order from start to finish. If you are unsure of the latest technology and do not know if a video wall is suitable for your needs, ask one of our qualified technicians. They will be able to provide expert advice on what is suitable along with tips on how to use the equipment properly. As an additional bonus, and part of our excellent service, our technicians will install all the screens for you according to your specifications. They will also make sure that everything is working properly before your event begins.

Rental plans for your budget

Our computer rentals plans are something we are very proud of. Because we value customer satisfaction, we like to give our clients a lot of freedom when choosing their rental plans. With prices like ours, you will not be able to resist for too long anyway. We have short-term and long-term plans in place for clients who have varying needs with each of their events. We have no limitations on the duration of use. So, you can rent for a day without worrying about the cost. You also get the option of choosing our delivery service. We can deliver your rented equipment to you at the location of your event. With our simple rental process, you cannot go wrong in choosing our services.

Hassle-free nationwide services

As a nationwide rental company, we can provide video wall rental in any of the major cities in the USA. Our services are the same throughout the nation, so you can rent any equipment you require, no matter where you are. Whether it is a video wall rental, or projector rental we can provide the same service everywhere. Also, we provide technicians at the location of your event for any kind of on-site technical support. If our technicians are not present at the location, you can get off-site technical support for no extra cost.

If you need more information about our services at New York Computer Rentals, get in touch with us. We will be glad to answer any of your questions related to equipment rentals.